CreativeQuantum offers a wide range of services, which allows our customers to benefit from the insight and results of quantum chemical investigations, without the need of in-depth knowledge about this technology.

We offer our customers an allround service, i.e.:

  • we identify together with our customers the precise issues
  • we develo a package offer, from which our customer can choose investigations with the best balance of information, time and price
  • we perform the requested investigations and simulations with our interdisciplinary team
  • the simulations and data of our clients are stored and managed at our own computer clusters in germany at all times, encrypted and sercure
  • we analyze the simulations and deliver our customers genneryl intelligible documentation of the results of high scientific quality
  • we present our customers the most important results on site and suggest possible consquences.
Contact us via E-Mail or call us +49 30 9599 911 80 (Germany/Berlin)

We are looking forward for you interest in new technology and your request !