CreativeQuantum is a technology company with an interdisciplinary scientific team that specializes in the implementation of quantum chemistry-based services for the chemical research and development.

We use advanced atom based simulations to determine properties and reaction of arbitrary chemical substances so that cost- and time consuming research and development in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry can be optimized significantly. Hereby, we help our customers to increase productivity just like for example in the automotive and aerospace industry, where the use of computer simulations has been utilized to evaluate promising products and components.

We provide unique research on particular issues, for all kinds of questions and large-scale screening tasks. Through this technology our customers receive a deeper insight into their chemical systems and are able to optimize them more extensively and in a more promising direction.

We are specialized in:

  • Analysis and Optimizaton of chemical synthesis and processes
  • Analysis and Optimizaton of functional materials
  • Development of new resource efficient production processes
  • Quantum mechanical high-throughput-screening
  • Evolutionary optimizations
  • Artificial intelligence

Applications of our methods you can see as well in our blog

CreativeQuantum consists of an interdisciplinary team that specializes in quantum chemical simulations and optimization of chemical processes and functional chemicals. The required experience gained through years of research, the team at Humboldt University Berlin, University of Potsdam and the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis. The team is supported by an advisory board of experienced managers from industry and world-class researchers from the Academy.

That the technology used by Nobel laureate Prof. Ertl confirmed in an interview..

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