• 27.01.2013

Creativity rules

Deloitte Millennial Innovation Survey:
Innovation is not only the key to success of enterprises, but has also a positive effect on the society. Also „Millenials“,poeple born after 1982, are sharing this point of view in Germany. Especially this group is convinced from the need, that economic activities and benefits for the society should go together. In general, they regard creativity as the most important individual prerequisite for an innovative capability. At the same time, they regard monetary shortcomings as its main barriers. Concurrence is not wells-suited to generate innovative solutions. These are the results from the Deloitte „Millennial Innovation Survey", which interviewed also 304 participants from Germany.

Creativity rules
What drives innovation? „Enterprises“ was the answer from 45% of the questioned participants. This answer is followed by „gouvernments“ and „universities“ with 18% and 17%, respectively. Creativity is the major origin for driving innovation, whereas the major barriers are the lack of funding, business culture, dullness or a weak management.

„The surveyed Millenials acknowledge the advantage of the culture of innovation, but realize also discrepancies between the claims and reality – in particular with respect to support within companies. They believe more in the abilities of „young“ companies, rather than Gemany's traditional innovation-driving enterprises. Interesting: Only a fifth of those questioned, acknowledged tougher competition as main driver for innovation. On the contary, they focus on collaborative approaches“, concludes Nicolai Andersen.

Link: Deloitte Millennial Innovation Survey